Twitter is testing an Instagram-like layout for photos

Twitter is always changing something about how it looks on your phone, and the company’s latest test in that respect has to do with how photos appear. In a limited test on iOS, the company has confirmed it’s experimenting with displaying photos edge-to-edge on your screen, just like how images appear on Instagram. Aspect ratios remain unaffected.

Any sort of image-related content will be displayed edge-to-edge, which means videos and GIFs will appear this way as well. Of course, with no limit on aspect ratios, if someone tweets out an abnormally long image, you’ll be scrolling for a pretty long time. This is why we have tests, I suppose.

Is this a better way to show off visual content on Twitter? I’m not sure. I’m fine with how images appear now, but that’s not the case for everyone since the company has faced accusations of discrimination against other races when cropping photos. This would obviously solve those problems, but not necessarily improve the overall user experience.

If you get the new UI on your iPhone, let me know on Twitter @LegendaryScoop. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.