Microsoft announces its own Google Now-like news feed for PC and mobile

Microsoft has announced another addition to Windows 11: a news feed. The company today unveiled Microsoft Start, a personalized aggregator similar to Google Now that will live as a widget in Windows 11. It’ll also be offered to those who have Microsoft News on iOS or Android as a free upgrade, as well as a standalone website which can be set as your homepage.

The service will be powered by enhanced AI and machine learning, as well as human aggregation, and provide a similar experience to MSN. In fact, some technology in Microsoft Start’s foundation is from MSN.

“Microsoft Start builds on Microsoft’s legacy with online and mobile consumer services like MSN and Microsoft News,” said Liet Ben-Zur, Microsoft’s corporate VP. “MSN has been bringing customers news and online content for over 25 years and will remain available. We will continue to build on our commitment to news and our publisher ecosystem, adding value for both partners and customers alike. Microsoft Start brings new technology to content experiences, including Microsoft’s latest advancements in AI and machine learning, coupled with human moderation, to help people stay up to date with information that is personalized for their interests.”

Your personalized feed will consist of news, popular headlines, and other content Microsoft thinks you’ll want to see. The company says more than 1,000 publishers will be sourced in the process. Sports scores, weather conditions, and more will also be featured based on your interests and location.

“I’m tired of sifting through a bunch of articles I’m not interested in,” Ben-Zur continued. “I often find that tracking down quality content requires some effort; regardless of if I’m looking for a specific headline or simply exploring different topics. The feed from Microsoft Start streamlines this process.”

Microsoft Start is available starting today.