Is the Apple Watch Series 7 delayed?

It looks like Apple’s next Apple Watch, the Series 7, could be delayed due to its new design.

According to reports out of Bloomberg and Nikkei, Apple is facing serious production issues with the Series 7 over quality control. Apparently, the manufacturers producing the watches are having problems with the complexities of its new design. Small-scale production reportedly began last week, which would make sense given how Apple typically ramps up production of both the new watches and iPhones leading up to September. However, that production hasn’t advanced any further and could’ve been halted altogether due to the issues.

In recent years, Apple has released new Apple Watches and iPhones together, or at least within a week of each device’s release date. Last year was an obvious exception driven by the pandemic, but this year we could see such a delay where the Series 7 will be released well after the iPhone 13 hits the market. So far, it’s unclear how serious the delay in production is.

Apple is expected to completely redesign the Series 7 with a flat design reminiscent of the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro. It’ll come in two new sizes: 41mm and 45mm. Faster performance and new health features are also expected, and all of your existing bands should continue to fit.

We’ll likely know more about the Series 7 in the coming weeks now that we’re in September, so stay tuned.