Apple’s Mac mini might be going Pro

It looks like Apple’s Mac mini is getting a big upgrade. Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, in his Power On newsletter, spoke about a new generation of the miniature desktop that’s expected to arrive in the next “several months.” If history is any indication, that could mean an announcement in October and a potential release date sometime in November before the holiday shopping season goes in full effect.

According to Gurman, the new Mac mini will be powered by a higher-end M1X processor that will be much faster than the current M1 chip. This is the same processor rumored to arrive in the next round of MacBook Pros. In addition, the new model might come with more ports, with current rumors pointing to two extra USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports.

This model would replace the aging Intel-based Mac mini, so Apple would position it as a Mac for consumers who generally interact with pro-grade apps. It would be able to handle more intense tasks thanks to the ARM-based processor, and that could appeal to a larger pro audience.

It isn’t clear how much the new M1X Mac mini would cost, nor we do know the exact configurations it’ll ship in. However, given the fact the fall is typically the time Apple talks about new Macs, don’t be surprised if there’s more to talk about on this topic in the near future.