Motorola is rolling out Android 11 to the foldable Razr

I’m not sure how many people actually bought the first Razr foldable phone from Motorola when it was released in early 2020. Reviewers pegged it with compromises like poor camera quality, short battery life, not-that-great performance, and a build that would literally creek when you open or close the phone. Still, I’m sure there’s enough people who spent the $1,500 it takes to acquire one because Motorola has confirmed it’s updating the device to Android 11.

As reported by a few different outlets, the original 2019 Motorola Razr along with the 5G-enabled Razr from 2020 are getting upgraded to Android 11. Droid-Life was first to report the Razr 5G on Verizon was getting the update, while other sources such as The Verge claim the original Razr is getting the upgrade, too. It isn’t clear exactly which models are getting the update at this time (whether unlocked units or carrier-locked models) beyond the Verizon Razr 5G.

What’s important to keep in mind is how unimpressive this roll out is. Android 11 has been available on other phones since September 2020. That’s nearly a year ago. A roll-out like this is typical for phones that cost $500 and less, but not one that’s literally triple the price. Regardless, at least Android 11’s actually rolling out and didn’t get scrapped or anything.