Google’s Android 12 is one step closer to a final release

Google has begun rolling out the fourth beta of Android 12, making the update one step closer to a final release in the fall. This beta capitalizes on platform stability as it refines system-level bugs, issues with apps, and more.

The fourth beta does include a sizeable lineup of user-facing changes, including an updated Settings app and an Android 12 easer egg. 9to5Google has a terrific roundup of changes and improvements it’s spotted in this release, and I highly recommend reading it if you want to know about everything new in the beta.

Notably, beta 4 also includes the August 2021 security patch which should be rolling out to all supported Pixel phones now.

Those enrolled in the Android Beta Program can expect this release to hit their devices soon. After this one, Google says there will be a final “beta” in the form of a “release candidate.” After that, Android 12 will be released to everyone, so you won’t have much longer to wait if you’ve been holding off from installing the beta.