Apple’s iPhone 13 will reportedly include ProRes and portrait mode for video

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 line is back in the news, this time thanks to Bloomberg who claims two major new features are coming to video on the devices. According to the report, the iPhone 13 will include ProRes support for video and blurry portrait-style backgrounds.

These both seem like a big deal, and that’s because they are. For generations of smartphones, Apple has managed to remain at the top when it comes to video quality. The updates in the iPhone 13 will likely only further that lead and make it even harder for its rivals to compete.

That being said, the feature most people would likely use is the blurry background feature, or “Cinematic Video” as Bloomberg refers to it. Phones from companies like Samsung have had portrait mode video in the past, but it now looks like Apple will be taking a swing at it. It’s unclear what Apple will do differently to make their version of the feature better, but I assume some sort of algorithm and AI will be behind it.

In addition, ProRes will be coming to video on the iPhone 13 which will let videographers capture much more detail and information about certain scenes while they record. That way, it’s easier to control how the final shot looks in editing. It’s essentially the video equivalent of ProRAW which debuted for photos last year on the iPhone 12 Pro series. Bloomberg doesn’t specify if this feature will remain exclusive to the iPhone 13 Pro, but it’s safe to assume it will.

Finally, Bloomberg mentions some specs we’re already familiar with in their report for the iPhone 13. An A15 processor, smaller notches, 120Hz displays, and improved ultra-wide cameras are expected across the board. Meanwhile, the publication also says new editing tools will be made to photographers that use a filter-esque application process. You’ll be able to apply certain looks to certain aspects of your photos, essentially, which sounds very interesting.