Here come the MagSafe copycats

It was only a matter of time until someone decided to take Apple’s MagSafe charging feature on the iPhone 12 and copy it for themselves.

New leaks out of GSMArena and Gizmochina show off the charging accessories Realme will be promoting alongside the new Realme Flash smartphone. The new accessories are both magnetic wireless chargers, with one that’s nearly identical to Apple’s own MagSafe charger. Meanwhile, the other charger is much bulkier and will offer faster charging speeds (a.k.a. something faster than 15W).

The bulkier charger will be the more interesting one since it’ll be so much larger than the puck-shaped alternative. It’ll also sport a fan to cool off your phone in order to optimize charging performance. Regardless of which one you choose to use, they’ll each connect to your phone the way you expect: by snapping to the back via magnets.

I titled this article “Here come the MagSafe copycats” because that’s essentially what Realme’s doing here. It’s copying what’s made the iPhone stand out in a market corroded with phones that wirelessly charge the same way. With Realme jumping into the world of magnetic phone charging, I’m curious as to who else will join the ranks.

When the Realme Flash and its magnetic charging system are unveiled, I’m sure I’ll have more details to share.