Apple iPhone 13 could stay on, always

The iPhone 13 is shaping up to be a pretty big upgrade over the 12 with a 120Hz display, a faster chip, improved cameras, and longer battery life. Now, there appears to be even more insight into the device’s display from Mark Gurman over at Bloomberg, who claims the phone will have an always-on display.

The always-on display has been around on Android phones since Samsung introduced it with its AMOLED technology in 2010. Since then, nearly every major phone manufacturer has included it in some shape or form, with the biggest exception being Apple. For whatever reason, the company has refused to include such a feature on the iPhone, but it looks like that’ll finally change this year with the iPhone 13.

Gurman notes in his Power On newsletter that the phone will include an always-on display. It’s unclear if every iPhone 13 model will get it, but I’m assuming they will. The feature that’ll remain exclusive to the two Pro models will be the 120Hz refresh rate.

With an always-on display, your battery can drain a bit faster since some pixels are constantly illuminated. However, given that Apple is rumored to be increasing the size of the batteries inside the iPhone 13 series, I would bet that battery life should level itself out. That remains to be seen, of course.

So what took Apple so long to finally ship an always-on display? I have no idea. The company’s just gonna use LTPO displays for the iPhone 13, and they’ve been around for years now. I suppose they just caved a few years ago and decided to work on bringing the feature to the iPhone. Perhaps they wanna “revolutionize” the always-on display in some way.

Whatever the case may be, it looks like we’ll finally be getting AOD functionality on the iPhone 13. Let me know if you’re excited in the comment section.