Apple is improving the privacy of AirTags and making them work better on Android

Apple is making some notable improvements to its AirTags wireless trackers. The company confirmed in statements to the press (picked up by the likes of CNET and The Verge) that a new firmware update will improve the privacy of AirTags, while better support for AirTags on Android will come in the future.

The privacy issue of AirTags has been a concern since the devices were introduced given how easy it is to slip an AirTag in someone’s bag and track them on your phone. Before, if something like this happened, Apple would trigger the AirTag to chime three days afterward, assuming it detected movement. Now, with the new firmware, that same chime will go off in eight to 24 hours. It’s nothing ground-breaking, but definitely important.

As far as Android is concerned, Apple isn’t directly adding support for AirTags on Android, but it will release an app that will let users detect them through the Find My network. This will also work with other devices that operate on the network. Details remain scarce about exactly how the app will work, but we’ll learn more in the coming months as we get deeper into the year when Apple says the app will launch.