Apple finally releases its Apple TV app for Android TV devices

Back in February, Apple finally started shipping an Apple TV app for Google’s Chromecast with Google TV, giving many more users access to Apple’s ever-expanding library of content and other movies and TV shows you may’ve purchased on iTunes. That’s all fine and dandy, but the app wasn’t made available to those with Android TVs.

Luckily, that changes today. The app has finally started rolling out to Android TV devices like the Nvidia Shield TV. Google says all devices within the “Android TV OS ecosystem” can now download the app including streaming sticks, set-top-boxes, and televisions running the OS from companies like Sony and TCL.

The app even has pretty wide availability, with systems based on Android 8.0 and above supported.

Now comes the question of whether Apple will ever release an Apple TV app for Android. Do they not see Android users as a market? Do they think people will watch their content on Android tablets (insert puke emoji)? Do they just hate Android users altogether? Obviously not – otherwise it wouldn’t have built an app for Android TV, a platform that’s on its way out the door.

I will continue to follow Apple’s roll-out of TV apps for other platforms until they get to Android. I’ll probably continue after that if they do it sooner than later, but I feel like that’ll be their final hold-out. We shall see, my fellow tech-heads.