Apple’s iOS 14.6 knows how much it sucks updating the Apple Watch Series 3

If you own an Apple Watch Series 3 like I do, you know how much it sucks trying to update it. For whatever reason, back in 2017, Apple didn’t find a need to give the Wi-Fi version more than 8GB of storage (the cellular option has 16GB). That means you can’t keep almost anything on your watch if you want to retain the ability of updating it when new software’s available.

Oddly enough, Apple is now acknowledging this issue in iOS 14.6, but in a way that reminds you of just how inconvenient the problem is.

A new pop-up was found by a user on Twitter (via 9to5Mac) which tells users to unpair their Apple Watch Series 3 to install the latest version of watchOS. “To install the watchOS update, unpair your Apple Watch and pair it again in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone,” the prompt reads.

Before, Apple used to suggest deleting apps and other data from your watch to make room for updating, but this pop-up pretty much confirms Apple knows it’s nearly impossible to update your Apple Watch without factory resetting it in the process.

I’ve reset my watch at least six or seven times to keep it up to date. since the update to watchOS 7.5, I’ve simply avoided installing any additional apps or downloading music so I can continue to get the latest software without resetting. That’s a huge annoyance since I want to use third-party apps, download my playlists, and use the watch to the full extent. But it’s either that or keep it up to date, and having the latest software is more important to me.

I shouldn’t have to sacrifice features for up-to-date software on my Apple Watch, but here we are. I guess this is Apple’s way of telling people to buy new Apple Watches, which I refuse to do until this design comes out.