Tidal might die, but at least it’ll be saved offline on your Apple Watch

A new Tidal app for your Apple Watch is now available.

There’s a solid chance that Tidal might eventually kick the bucket now that Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify will all offer lossless audio in the future. It’s the feature that gave Tidal an edge over its competitors, and it’ll now boast almost nothing unique outside of a different UI for its mobile apps.

That’s not gonna stop Tidal from playing catch-up in terms of technical capabilities, however. The streaming service is rolling out a new watchOS app that lets you download music for offline listening on your Apple Watch. It comes around the same time as Spotify who also released the feature.

Obviously, Tidal’s future won’t necessarily rely on how well it can keep up with releasing identical features to its competitors. Jack Dorsey’s $297 million stake in the service through Square will ensure the company survives a while longer as it strives to give artists more fruit-full royalties, but it’s clear that the service’s curb appeal compared to Apple Music and Spotify isn’t as luscious as it once was.

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