The Daily: Apple’s reportedly making the MacBook Air ugly

Apple’s next MacBook Air reportedly getting new design with squared-off edges, white bezels

It’s no secret that I really don’t like the look of the new iMac with its obnoxious colors and ugly white bezels. If you’re in my camp, A. welcome and B. don’t look forward to the next MacBook Air.

Jon Prosser has published a video on YouTube in collaboration with RendersByIan which features renders that supposedly show off Apple’s upcoming MacBook Air, slated to arrive… eventually. The device’s edges have been squared off like the iPhone and iPad, there’s no more sloping edge toward the trackpad, and dumb fun colors are on full display.

But perhaps the biggest turn-off are those new white bezels. I couldn’t tell you who or what has possessed Apple into thinking that white bezels are a good idea on any device, but here we are, presumably months away from a new MacBook with an obnoxious white border around its screen.

Luckily, the renders might not show off the actual size of the bezels, so they could be smaller. I wouldn’t bet they’re a lot smaller than what you can see above, but here’s to crossing our fingers and praying.

The keyboard will accentuate the bezels thanks to a new white paint job, so expect this laptop to absolutely scream Spring Time if this is the design Apple settles on.

Elsewhere, the new MacBook Air will reportedly have a single USB-C port and a headphone jack.

It’s unclear when this new MacBook Air will ship, nor is there any insight into what kind of power it’ll pack. I assume we’ll be hearing more about it soon so stay tuned.

Apple will ship its own 5G modem in the 2023 iPhones, according to Ming-Chi Kuo

Remember when Apple swallowed Intel’s modem business for $1 billion? That was mainly because Apple wanted to start making its own 5G modems for its devices after its brutal legal dispute with Qualcomm.

Luckily, it looks like we don’t have that much longer to wait until the first Apple-branded 5G chip hits the market. Ming-Chi Kuo (via 9to5Mac), a well-known analyst in the tech world, predicts that the first iPhones with the chip will arrive in 2023, a year later than when Apple reportedly wanted to start rolling it out.

It’s not clear how much progress has been made on the chip beyond the fact Apple has started working on it. Right now, there remains a chance that Apple could ship it sooner than 2023. Given Kuo’s track record, however, it isn’t likely this guestimate is very far off from reality.

Facebook introduces notice to remind you to read an article before sharing it

Social media platforms have been combatting the spread of fake news for years now, and Facebook is today introducing yet another tool to help its users identify potentially misleading content if they haven’t opened it.

Before sharing an article on Facebook, the app will now ask if you’d like to open it first to see what it’s about. The idea is basically identical to the feature Twitter recently introduced which shares the same purpose. It’s all in the vein of stopping sharing headlines and clickbait while the article itself is fake.

I’m curious as to how effective the feature on Twitter has been in combatting fake news. Those stats aren’t available, and I’m not sure if Facebook will be any different. Still, it could be a good tool nonetheless for sharing presumptuous and impertinent articles on the social network.

Samsung’s next round of Galaxy Z foldables reportedly coming in August

In the world of Samsung, new devices like upgraded Galaxy Z phones and a sequel to the popular Galaxy S20 FE have been in the rumor mill for quite some time. Now, we’re hearing that all of those upcoming gadgets could debut at an event in August.

According to a report from Yonhap News, Samsung is getting ready to introduce the new Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3, and the S21 FE during an Unpacked event later this summer. Given recent history, it’s safe to assume the event would take place some time in early August, likely the first or second week.

No additional details were given about the phones in question, but past rumors point to the Z Flip 3 boasting quite the redesign with flat edges and a larger top screen. Meanwhile, the Z Fold 3 will also get flat edges and a 120Hz display on the front. The S21 FE will likely offer a similar experience to the S21 but with a few cut corners to bring the price down.

As details emerge about these devices, I’ll be sure to inform you.

Vivo announces commitment to three years of Android upgrades for next flagship phones

Vivo has announced a new policy that’ll kick in with its next roundup of flagship phones: three years’ worth of major Android upgrades. That’s as long as Google’s policy which it’s offered since the days of the Pixel 2. It’s also much more in line with other manufacturers like Samsung who have begun extending their support for devices much father beyond the typical two years most Android phones get software updates.

It’s about time these companies got to playing catch-up. Apple is such a dominant force when it comes to device support that it’s nearly not even a competition any more. The iPhone 6s from 2015 continues to receive software updates to this day, over five and a half years since it debuted. That’s insane by phone standards since not one Android phone can compare.

Now, three years is a long time, but it’s still not long enough. Luckily, Google and Qualcomm have begun working on optimizing the hardware most Android phones get to make shipping software updates easier for OEMs. That’ll lead to quicker updates in general and longer support overall. Hopefully, the work they pull off behind closed doors will be enough to make a meaningful difference.

Vivo says its new update policy will launch after July in Europe, Australia, and India once its new flagships are on the market.