Google tries fixing its Android tablet problem with Entertainment Space

Google knows Android tablets haven’t taken off like the iPad has, all thanks to poor software optimization and incredibly lacking hardware. This has led to some unfortunate consequences, like the company pulling out of the tablet market and sticking with helping partners with hardware and software.

This week, though, it seemed like Google acknowledged the only real thing Android tablets are good for: entertainment.

In a blog post, the company unveiled its new Entertainment Space, an updated UI for certain Android tablets that would provide an Amazon Fire OS-esque experience and let you view movies, TV shows, games, books, and more across services right on your home screen. The UI will live to the left of your home screen for those who own tablets from companies like Walmart, Lenovo, and Sharp.

At the top of the screen are three tabs: Watch, Games, and Read. The Watch tab filters content from various streaming providers like the interface on a Chromecast or Apple TV. The Games tab shows you games you have on your tablet in addition to games available on the Play Store. Finally, the Read tab takes that same concept and applies it to books.

It’s clearly not a huge new feature, nor is it innovative or inspiring. Rather, it’s Google trying to figure out what to do with all the 8- to 11-inch screens running Android.

Notably, Samsung tablets won’t be getting Entertainment Space (at least not yet). You also won’t be able to see content recommendations from Netflix.

The feature should begin rolling out to Walmart tablets soon, with other devices getting it later this year.