Former President Donald Trump launches blog as a sort of mock Twitter replacement

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday introduced his own blog which is being called his own “social media platform.” However, it’s clear that the page in question is strictly a one-way blog where Trump can communicate thoughts, messages, and more with users. It’s basically a stripped-down mock version of Twitter.

This comes as Facebook’s Oversight Board readies a ruling as to whether they’ll let Trump back on their platforms after he was banned in January around the time of the Capital Riots.

With this new blog, Trump won’t have Big Tech to worry about taking down his posts or banning him. However, it does restrict his reach since he’ll have to rely on users sharing his posts on Twitter or Facebook.

That’s the other thing. You have the ability to share whatever Trump posts on the site, found at the site, on other social media platforms. But if the content of the post doesn’t align with Facebook or Twitter’s guidelines, there’s a real chance your post will be taken down.

Trump is using Campaign Nucleus to host the blog, a company formed by his ex-campaign manager Brad Parscale. So far, there have been various posts published including some thoughts on recent polling, endorsements, and swipes at his enemies.

It’s unclear if Trump ever plans to launch a proper social media platform that would allow other users to share content without having to abide by strict guidelines. It doesn’t appear Trump is saying anything about it, nor are any members of his team. If details surface, you can bet I’ll be on top of them.