Twitter acquires Scroll, the ad-free subscription service for news sites

Twitter has acquired Scroll, the subscription service that lets you view news sites (including Matridox) ad-free for a set fee each month. The acquisition was made for an undisclosed amount.

The general reason Twitter wanted Scroll was to bundle it into a future subscription service, something that remains quite a mystery at the moment. Scroll will offer websites ad-free, Revue will offer premium newsletters, and who knows what else.

How ever this plan pans out, it’s clear that Twitter wants to keep journalism and written content alive in the digital age. After all, it plays a huge part in Twitter’s purpose as a content syndicator.

“For every other platform, journalism is dispensable. If journalism were to disappear tomorrow their business would carry on much as before,” Scroll said in a blog post. “Twitter is the only large platform whose success is deeply intertwined with a sustainable journalism ecosystem. 

“Twitter exists to serve the public conversation. Journalism is the mitochondria of that conversation. It initiates, energizes and informs. It converts and confounds perspectives. At its best it helps us stand in one another’s shoes and understand each other’s common humanity. 

“The mission we’ve been given by Jack [Dorsey] and the Twitter team is simple: take the model and platform that Scroll has built and scale it so that everyone who uses Twitter has the opportunity to experience an internet without friction and frustration, a great gathering of people who love the news and pay to sustainably support it.”

Scroll says as of today, it won’t be accepting any new sign-ups and will enter private beta until Twitter implements its new subscription service. In addition, Nuzzel, a service that emails you the most popular tweets in your feed, will be shutting down on May 6th.