Microsoft is fixing Bluetooth in the next major Windows 10 update

Microsoft is finally gonna fix the awkward Bluetooth issue that has been pegging Windows 10 users for years. With certain types of headphones and speakers that support multiple Bluetooth profiles, your audio gear can show up twice in Windows’ selection of audio output devices. Now, six years after the OS formally debuted, Microsoft will make Windows smart enough to detect the profiles and only list the devices once. An example can be found below.

I couldn’t tell you why this took so long to resolve, especially since virtually every modern OS isn’t dumb enough to list a pair of headphones twice just because it has two Bluetooth profiles. Luckily, when the May 2021 update starts shipping to consumers, the fix will be included. Right now, you have to be on Microsoft’s Dev channel to test the improved experience.

Elsewhere in Windows 10 Bluetooth Land, Microsoft is adding AAC over Bluetooth support. This will help enhance the quality of content you listen to on headphones that support it, like Apple’s AirPods Max. It’s another codec that will live alongside aptX and SBC.

This version of the May 2021 update also includes small adjustments to icons in File Explorer, a new touch keyboard launch animation, and a backslash key for when you set focus to the Run dialog while using the touch keyboard.