T-Mobile introduces its own smart tracker powered by LTE for $60

T-Mobile isn’t exactly known for its own first-party smart devices, but it’s gonna give it another go with the SyncUp Tracker. Running $60 if paid in full, the tracker is in direct competition with other trackers like Apple’s AirTags, Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTags, and Tile.

Of course, it’s taking a very carrier-oriented direction: the device is powered by LTE, which means you’ll need to pay for a Magenta data plan which starts at $5 per month with AutoPay. That also means the tracker won’t come with Bluetooth Low Energy or Ultra Wideband, limiting your ability to precisely find the item it’s attached to or inside of.

Granted, the tracker seems pretty decent in terms of features. It’s IP67 certified so it can survive dirt and splashes, and it can be spotted on a map and give you “near” real-time location tracking. You can have the tracker beep if it goes out of customizable boundaries, it has a light sensor that alerts you if it detects a dramatic change in lighting (like leaving a locker or backpack), and you can assign contact details so it’s easier to track down.

Unfortunately, the SyncUp Tracker has a 900mAh battery that will need to be charged every week. This is in direct contrast with devices like AirTags that accept CR2032 batteries which last for a year.

T-Mobile says the tracker is available for $2.50/month if you don’t wanna fork over $60. You can get up to eight trackers on your plan.