Apple’s iPadOS 15 will reportedly redesign the iPad’s home screen

Apple is reportedly gearing up to introduce the biggest home screen upgrade to the iPad in the device’s history with iPadOS 15. That’s according to Bloomberg who also sheds light on the upcoming iOS 15 update.

According to Bloomberg, iPadOS 15 will include a major home screen redesign, complete with the ability to plop widgets in between your icons like on the iPhone. You’ll even be able to replace app icons completely with widgets, if that’s your style. Right now, it’s unclear what else the upgrade will have in tow, but it makes sense that Apple is going the ambitious route with this year’s update – the M1 iPad Pro, unveiled on Tuesday, is a piece of hardware that could use some souped-up software tricks.

Meanwhile, iOS 15 will focus on incremental improvements that will also be included in iPadOS 15. A new lock screen will include a menu that lets you set more granular controls over notifications, such as if it makes a sound or not. The settings will be powered by variants of Do Not Disturb that turn on automatically in situations where, for example, you’re driving or sleeping.

Automatic replies depending on their status will also see improvements, as well as Apple’s iMessage. According to Bloomberg, with iOS and iPadOS 15, iMessage will move closer to a social network like WhatsApp, although it’s still early days for this transition.

Rounding things off, both systems will offer a menu that displays what apps and tracking and collecting specific types of data. Bloomberg also notes macOS, tvOS, and watchOS will also see minor updates this year.

We’re less than two months away from Apple’s annual WWDC conference where the company reveals its latest major software upgrades. That means the rumor mill surrounding all of these new systems will begin spinning faster and faster over the month weeks, so stay tuned for updates.