TCL teases a rollable phone that you can also fold

TCL made headlines today when it teased a phone that combines two technologies still in their infancy: foldable screens and rollable screens.

Meet the Fold ‘n Roll. The device, only depicted in renders, is a foldable phone like the original Huawei Mate X with an outward-facing folding display. When you flatten the folded panel, you can then extend it from the base of the phone even further to enhance the horizontal space you have for content. That’s where the rollable part comes into play, and it’s where TCL goes absolutely haywire on the “wow” factor of the concept.

I can’t imagine anyone not being impressed by this thing, if only it were real. TCL hasn’t indicated whether the press will ever see a prototype, let alone actual units of the thing hitting the market.

Right now, we only have these concept renders, and boy do they look cool. The next few years of phones will certainly be interesting, and we could be seeing a bunch of variations of this design sooner rather than later.