OnePlus 9 Pro gets update to resolve overheating issue

OnePlus has begun rolling out a software update that addresses the overheating issue some users have been reporting over the past week and change. According to early adopters of the phone, issues arise when taking lots of photos or videos and have the camera app running for a long period of time. The phone will present a notice on the display and lock the shutter due to a spike in temperature.

Luckily, it seems that issue is being resolved with OxygenOS Gary C., OxygenOS Product Lead, addressed the update on OnePlus’ forums.

Hey everyone, thank you for your feedback.

We’ve identified the underlying reasons behind the reported increase in temperature and already begun pushing out OTA updates to optimize the overall device temperature and improve battery performance. So far, the initial feedback has been positive.

The first OTA (build number was pushed out to our India users this week, and will be rolled out to North American and European devices by the end of this week. We’ll be following up with a second OTA to further improve the device temperature and battery in the coming weeks as well.

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback here on the forums. We’ll keep working hard to make even more improvements so you can have a reliable and enjoyable OnePlus experience.

Gary notes that a second OTA update is also on the way to further improve the heat management and battery consumption of the OnePlus 9 Pro. This update should also reach OnePlus 9 users.

The update comes just 10 days after the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro went on sale. It’s the first major update for the 9 Pro and will hopefully signal a continued ambition by OnePlus to address problems users report about its products in a timely matter.