RIP: LG is officially exiting the smartphone market

Following multiple reports that suggested a shutdown was on the way, LG’s smartphone division has officially decided to shutter. This means that the company, once seen as a pioneer in the market, will no longer make smartphones. The company’s press release confirms the shutdown of its mobile division will be completed by the end of July.

By shutting down its mobile division, LG says it will be able to focus resources in areas of growth like electric car components, smart home appliances, robotics, AI, and more. It’ll also refocus expertise on other areas like 6G (the successor to 5G).

Over the past five years, LG has lost a considerable amount of money due to its mobile division. It’s been a long time since reviewers have pinned a phone with an LG logo as a solid alternative to something from Samsung or Apple. You could blame it on a lot of factors like questionable specification choices, poor software optimization, and bad marketing, but one thing’s for certain: they were never able to bounce back to their former selves, ultimately translating into the shutdown of their smartphone business.

Because of the shutdown, it’s incredibly unlikely LG’s rollable phone, teased earlier this year at CES, will be released. Of course, the company could manufacture the display that would make the phone rollable and sell it to other companies, but we’ll probably never get a device with the company’s logo on the back of it.

As for LG’s existing smartphones, the company says it will continue to support them for a period of time. It also notes that after the end of July, there might still be some supply of the company’s phones at retailers. Once that’s drained, you’ll have to count on refurbished and second-hand devices if you still want to buy an LG phone.

I wrote some thoughts on Twitter about LG exiting the smartphone business which I’ll probably turn into an editorial. Long story short, they’ll always have a special place in my heart. Almost everyone in the tech community has had some sort of experience with LG devices, and despite them not being perfect by any means over the past few years, the company will still go down as a true innovator in the market.

Pour one out for LG, everyone. It’s been a great run.