The Pixel 6 will reportedly use a custom Google processor

Google will replace Qualcomm’s processors this year in the Pixel 6 with its own custom silicon. That’s according to a report out of 9to5Google who claims to have seen certain documentation that confirms the move.

Just under a year ago, it was reported that Google was working on its own processor with Samsung that would be used in its smartphones at some point. It would be based on a 5nm process and help Google have much deeper control over how its software talks to the hardware it’s powered by. It’s the same idea behind Apple’s A series chips for its iPhones.

After a ton of development, it looks like the company’s first chip is set to be unveiled as a part of the next Pixel phone. 9to5Google says the processor, codenamed “Whitechapel,” will be based on a shared platform codenamed “Slider.” The publication was able to find references to Slider that tie back to Samsung’s Exxon’s line of chips, which likely means the processor will be manufactured by the Korean company.

Of course, the exact specs of Whitechapel are largely unknown, but XDA-Developers does manage to shed some light on specifics. The publication claims the chip will use a 3 cluster setup with a TPU (Tensor Processing Unit). It will also reportedly come with an integrated security chip.

The only other specific detail 9to5Google shares in its report is Google’s internal codename for the chip – “GS101,” potentially meaning Google Silicon 101. It’s not clear at this time what name the company will give the processor to market it.

9to5Google’s report seems extremely confident in what it shares, but nothing’s confirmed yet. Google isn’t talking about the report either, so we’ll have to wait at least a few months to learn more.

Update 4-3-2021 2:57 p.m. ET: This article was updated with additional information from XDA-Developers.