Report: Apple to launch new iPads in April, 12.9-inch Pro model to include mini-LED screen

Rumors of new iPads have been circling the web recently as we get closer and closer to Apple’s official announcement of the devices. Now, a new report out of Bloomberg has surfaced with more details on what Apple has in the works, including a new 12.9-inch Pro model with a mini-LED display.

According to Bloomberg, Apple will launch two new iPad Pros in April, one with an 11-inch screen and the other 12.9-inches. They’ll likely boast the same designs as the current-gen Pros given their screen sizes. Of course, the 12.9-inch model will ditch LCD in favor of mini-LED which can offer the deep blacks and contrasts of OLED without suffering from burn-in.

Bloomberg says the new iPad Pros have been tested with Thunderbolt ports, which could mean a much more advanced version of the USB-C port currently on the iPads is on the way. Right now, it’s not clear what Apple will settle on when it comes to ports on the new devices.

The article also mentions a new iPad mini which is rumored to receive a refresh with a larger 8.4-inch screen. Bloomberg says Apple is “preparing to launch” the new device, but it doesn’t give a specific timeline. There’s also a new, thinner baseline iPad in the works, but that release date also remains a mystery.