Google releases second Android 12 developer preview

Google has begun rolling out the second developer preview of Android 12 to testers. The update falls right in line with Google’s timeline for how it will roll out beta builds of Android 12 before it’s released later this year. After DP2, we should see DP3 some time in April, with a beta arriving in May.

There are plenty of changes being made between developer previews 1 and 2. Various sites like 9to5Google and Android Central have updates on everything from the lighter dark mode to the new one-handed mode to tweaked UI elements. Google also published its own list of new features which I’ve condensed in the bullet list below.

  • Apps can now ask for details about your device’s rounded corners so it knows where to place UI elements so they don’t get blocked.
  • Picture-in-picture mode is immediately enabled when you swipe to go home from a media app. It’s a way to emulate improved performance, according to Google.
  • When tapping a PiP window, media controls are presented instead of an expanded view of the video playing.
  • You can now resize PiP windows via pinch-to-zoom.
  • Apps can now require you to unlock your phone before you act on their notifications.
  • A new API called CompanionDeviceService will let accessories like smartwatches automatically open their companion apps on your phone when they’re in close proximity.
  • Other new APIs include a bandwidth estimation API and a simpler way to apply graphics effects to Views.

To install the preview on your Pixel, either update it via the settings app (assuming you’re on DP1) or follow this guide.