Report: Apple slices production of iPhone 12 mini due to overestimated demand

Apple is cutting production of the iPhone 12 mini by as much as 70 percent due to an overestimation of how much people wanted a small phone, according to a report out of Nikkei Asia. The phone takes up a large majority of the overall 20 percent cut Apple is making to iPhone production for the first half of 2021, reducing the expected ~100 million units produced to around 75 million units total.

Despite this reduction in production for H1 2021, Apple is expected to produce around 230 million iPhones throughout the year, a roughly 10 percent uptick over 2020.

The clear story here, though, is people’s lack of interest in the mini. If you simply look at Twitter, you’d think demand for small phones couldn’t be stronger. However, that’s not what data suggests, at least in terms of the iPhone 12 mini.

A report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) said the mini only accounted for six percent of iPhone sales between October and November 2020. Other reports like this one from Reuters and this one from PCMag also indicate the iPhone 12 mini has under-performed significantly at Apple. It could be due to the underwhelming battery life or the fact it’s still relatively expensive at $729 without a carrier deal. An exact cause is and will remain unclear, but it’s obvious that consumers aren’t as crazy about small phones as some might anticipate.

Nikkei Asia also says Apple will be delaying the production of its upcoming ARM-based MacBook Pros. They were supposed to hit the production line in either May or June, but it now looks like they’ll be manufactured in the fall.