Sonos unveils Roam portable speaker for $169

Sonos has unveiled a new portable speaker called the Roam. It’s priced at just $169 and makes it the most affordable Sonos speaker yet.

It’s also Sonos’ second try at a portable option after the Move flopped back in 2019 due to a large size, hefty price tag, and even heftier weight. The Roam tries to fix all of that by packing in the same Sonos technologies and audio quality into a body much, much smaller.

Sonos says the Roam measures in at 6.61 x 2.44 x 2.36 inches and weighs under a pound. It crams in two class-H amplifiers, a custom racetrack mid-woofer, and a tweeter. Together, Sonos says the Roam delivers sound quality that “defies expectations for a speaker of its size.” It won’t fire audio all around the speaker, however, and instead opts for a more focused output which Sonos says sounds better anyway.

The Roam, of course, comes with all the smart technologies you’ve come to expect from Sonos. Trueplay is here to tune audio output based on the speaker’s environment, and so is the ability to pair multiple Roams together for surround sound. You can also connect the Roam to your main Sonos system at home, relying on Wi-Fi to do so. When you grab the Roam and leave, it switches to Bluetooth and relies on your phone for a connection.

Google Assistant and Alexa support is included on the Roam, and so is compatibility with Apple’s AirPlay 2. Sonos’ new Sound Swap feature is also available which lets you press and hold the play/pause button on the speaker to transfer the music to the nearest Sonos speaker in your home.

Sonos says the Roam lasts up to 10 hours of a single charge and charges over both USB-C and Qi wireless. It’s rated at IP67 for dust and water protection, and it comes in either shadow black or lunar white.

The Sonos Roam goes on sale April 20th for $169.