The 6 best cases for the LG Wing

LG’s incredibly unique Wing is unlike anything you’ve probably seen in the world of modern smartphones. Its screen swivels horizontally and unlocks a world of possibilities thanks to the new form factor. Becasue of this, it makes sense for a lot of people to get excited and pick one up.

Of course, the phone’s $1,000, and it’s completely made of glass. Therefore, it’s not a smart idea to drop it, so to help protect your investment, I’ve listed six solid cases below that are worth considering if you’re in the market.

Spigen Thin Fit (2020): $15.99

Spigen is definitely one of my favorite case brands, and their Thin Fit shell for the Wing will do the trick for anyone looking to add as little bulk to their phone as possible. The case is made of a lightweight material and should help protect the back of your device by minimizing the camera hump so your phone sits flush when on a desk. It also has all the necessary cutouts and won’t prevent your screen from swiveling.

Case-Mate Tough Plus Case: $33.74

For those who need more protection than what a slim-fit case can provide, look to Case-Mate. The company makes a much more durable case for the Wing with 15-foot drop protection built in. It’s made from plant-based materials so it’s all natural, and it’s designed to keep your screen flipping and the selfie camera moving. The case is also available in three different colors: black, clear, and “Stardust.”

CENMASO Reflect Phone Case: $21.99

This case from CENMASO comes with a TPU-built design with reinforced corners for improved drop protection. It has a carbon fiber-esque rear design with a kickstand so you can prop your phone up and watch a video on a desk. It also appears to be pretty slim so it shouldn’t bulk up your Wing too much.

DOOTOO Luxury Carbon Fiber PU Leather Hybrid Case: $18.99

For something that’ll cover both the front and back of your Wing, consider this option from DOOTOO. It offers a carbon fiber-esque design with faux leather inside so you can store a couple of credit cards. Its flip cover will protect your screen when you don’t need it, and the rest of it should help prevent damage from bumps and debris on unclean surfaces. It’s also pretty affordable at under $20.

Foluu PU Leather Case: $9.99

If you want a premium look and feel on a budget. check out Foluu’s faux leather option for the Wing. It features a distressed leather back with a stitched finish and an “anti-drop” belt that can used as a handle or kickstand. It keeps the buttons, USB-C port, selfie camera, and swiveling screen all free for operation while providing the back and sides of the phone free of scratches and light drops.

Hacker’s Leather Phone Case: $18.99

Another premium-looking option is this case from Hacker’s. It has a faux leather exterior and a front cover that doubles as a wallet inside. the clip on the side keeps the two flaps together, and you should get some decent protection as a result. of course, it won’t block the swiveling screen so long as you have the flap open.

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