Apple will reportedly release a 5G iPhone SE next year with the same design

Apple is rumored to be working on a new version of the popular iPhone SE with 5G for release next year, according to Ming-Chi Kuo who’s report was shared by 9to5Mac. Kuo also shared details on this year’s iPhone 13 series and a potential foldable phone in separate reports.

Kuo says the new iPhone SE would introduce 5G to the SE series, but what’s mind-boggling to me is the supposed design decision. According to Kuo, Apple will be sticking with the 4.7-inch display and form factor as the current iPhone SE. Any year other than 2017 and earlier, that design looks insanely outdated, so I have no idea how Apple will get away with releasing a phone with such large bezels in 2022.

That would also mean the phone will keep using LCD while the rest of the iPhone lineup switches to OLED. Of course, it could serve as a little brother of sorts to Apple’s rumored iPhone 11 replacement which Kuo says could arrive at the end of 2022. That phone would have a similar 6.1-inch LCD screen to the 11 but offer 5G as an incentive to upgrade, similar to the 2022 SE. It would cost under $600, too.

All of that being said, while it’s nice to see Apple focusing on more budget-friendly smartphones, old technologies will continue getting old no matter how often they’re used. Of course, none of this is confirmed, so take it with a grain of salt. Here’s to just hoping that Apple winds up innovating a bit more when it comes to the future iPhone SE.