Spotify introduces new Genre and Mood filters for Liked Songs

Spotify has announced it’s adding new Genre and Mood filters to your liked songs in its app. The new filters will play the music based on what you’re feeling, and the best part is it’s already stuff you know you like.

Starting today, Spotify is rolling out a new way for our listeners to easily sort their “Liked Songs” collection for every mood and moment through new Genre and Mood filters. With this new feature, listeners with at least 30 tracks in their collections will be able to filter their favorite songs by up to 15 personalized mood and genre categories.

According to Spotify, all you do is go to your Liked Songs section, then tap one of the filters at the top of your screen. If you tastes change or if you add and remove songs, the filters will automatically adapt.

Here’s how to turn on (and off) the new filters:

– Go to “Your Library” and tap on “Liked Songs.”
– Then, tap one of the filters at the top of the playlist header to display all the tracks that fall under that mood or genre.
– When you’re ready to move to another mood or genre, simply tap the “X” next to the genre or mood to disable the filter and return to your full “Liked Songs” collection.

The feature will be rolling out over the coming weeks to both Free and Premium users in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa on iOS and Android.