Google now lets you schedule texts in Messages on Android

Google has announced that with a new update to the Messages app on Android, you’ll be able to schedule when you want to send texts. After composing your message, you can tap and hold the Send button and get promoted to input the time when you want it to go out. It should be available for all Messages users once the update is widely rolled out.

The new feature is part of a collection of new features Google is rolling out to all Android users. On the same web page, Google also announced it’s expanding availability of Android password checkup to users of Android 9 Pie and newer. The feature can automatically let you know if your password has been compromised somewhere on the web and give you the option to change it.

TalkBack, an accessibility feature for the visually impaired, is also getting enhanced on Android with more gesture support, additional reading controls, a Braille keyboard, and customizable menus. It’s available through the Android Accessibility Suite on the Play Store.

Rounding things off, Google also added a dark mode to Google Maps and added a handful of new features to Android Auto.