Anker beats Apple with the release of a magnetic battery pack for the iPhone 12

Apple is rumored to be working on a new battery pack for the iPhone 12 that will wirelessly charge it through the use of MagSafe. However, if you’re itching to get your hands on this kind of tech, you won’t need to wait for Cupertino to put out their own – Anker may have what you’re looking for.

Called the PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless Power Bank, this new battery pack can snap onto the back of any member of the iPhone 12 family and charge via Qi wireless. Of note is the fact this accessory isn’t MagSafe certified by Apple, so you’ll only experience 5W charging speeds. If it were certified, it could go up to 15W and publicize that it works with MagSafe. Anker only mentions it can connect to your phone with “magnets.”

Anker includes 5,000mah of juice in the power pack which can take the iPhone 12 mini from zero to 100 percent with some left in the tank, the iPhone 12 from zero to 95 percent, the 12 Pro from zero to 97 percent, and the 12 Pro Max from zero to 75 percent. If you’re rather charge over a wire or have a phone that’s not an iPhone 12, there’s a USB-C output port on the side in addition to LED indicators.

The battery pack is up for preorder now at Amazon for $39.99. It seems that stock is running short, however, with a fresh batch arriving on March 17 at the time of writing.