Samsung commits to four years of Android security updates for past Galaxy devices

Samsung has published a new blog post officially announcing it’s committing to shipping regular Android security patches for its Galaxy devices for at least four years after those devices are released. The cool thing about this announcement is it supports devices dating back to 2019, meaning those phones and tablets will continue to get updated until the end of next year.

It’s all in an effort to improve the security and longevity of its devices, which is a fantastic sign given Samsung’s rocky reputation in terms of software updates in the past. Over the past year or two, Samsung’s gotten really good at shipping reliable software updates and large OS upgrades soon after Google ships them. It even promised to deliver three years’ worth of OS upgrades for all Galaxy devices released in 2020, so the company definitely wants to be a dominate player in the software update reliability conversation.

It actually one-ups Google who is usually thought of as the king of software updates. The company only promises three years’ worth of updates total for its phones, so for Samsung to add an extra year of security patches is evidence that the South Korean tech giant wants to do better.

Notably, these “regular” security updates fall in the least frequent category of Samsung’s software update delivery schedule. There are some phones that get them monthly and some quarterly. The devices that get dropped to “regular security updates” will likely only get a few in that year. Regardless, it’s nice that Samsung is expanding support nonetheless.