Google might make it easier to use big phones with Android 12

It’s no secret that phones continue to get bigger while our hands don’t. Trying to use some of today’s top flagships with one hand is virtually impossible, so it’s nice when manufacturers include accommodations in their software to make it easy to reach things at the top of your screen. Companies like Apple, Samsung, and LG have included these features for years, and it now looks like Google could introduce something similar to millions of people with Android 12.

According to 9to5Google, Android 12 might come with a native way to shrink the display down so content is easier to reach one-handed. the report says the feature will shrink your screen vertically while keeping its horizontal dimension, unlike other implementations that shrink the entire screen to a lower corner on your phone.

9to5Google says the feature could be accessible by a swipe up from either bottom corner of your phone. To exit, you could tap from outside the shrunken display, switch an app, or fire up the keyboard. There may also be a timer that will automatically resize your screen after a certain period of time.

The feature would likely ship as a native Android 12 tool, meaning manufacturers could simply customize it to their liking instead of worrying about building their own. It’ll become a lot more common place on smartphones if that happens.

In addition to a new one-handed mode, Android 12 is also expected to sport a significant redesign with nearly an entire revitalization of the OS. With leaks ramping up more day after day, the first beta of the updated system is likely right around the corner.