Microsoft lowers price of Surface Duo to $999, launches in Canada on February 18th

Microsoft has made a couple of announcements regarding the Surface Duo. The company is lowering the price of the dual-screen phone by $400 in the United States and will launch it in Canada and other markets next week on February 18th.

The price drop is the most notable announcement since it indicates Microsoft was a bit too ambitious with the launch of the Surface Duo. When reviews were published, many noted that the hardware was excellent, but the software needed a ton of work due to bugs likely driven by the unique form factor.

Now that it costs $999, I’m not sure many more people will actually buy the device which uses a Snapdragon 855, lacks 5G, has pretty terrible cameras, and doesn’t offer any impressive screen tech. Still, if you wanted to buy one but didn’t feel like forking over your savings account, perhaps today’s announcement will make pulling the trigger a bit easier.

Meanwhile, Microsoft also says the Surface Duo will be launching in Canada, the UK, Germany, and France on February 18th. In the UK, it’ll be priced at £1,349, while those in Germany will need to pay 1,549 euros.