Google One members are getting Pixel-exclusive Photos features

Google has announced that it’s giving access to certain Pixel-exclusive features in Google Photos to those subscribed to Google One. Specifically, the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G’s upgraded Portrait Light, Portrait Blur, and Color Pop features will now be available to Google One subscribers, in addition to new AI-powered filters that should help improve your photos based on their contents.

According to Google, users who don’t pay for Google One will still be able to access features like Portrait Blur or Color Pop. However, to use the features, you’ll have to take a portrait mode photo in order to collect depth data. The new features coming to Google One members don’t require depth info to work. This means you’ll be able to apply them to any photos you have in your library.

Of course, Portrait Light will remain exclusive to Google One members like it’s been exclusive to Pixel users in the past. In addition, all of the features will remain free for Pixel phone owners.

As for the AI features, Google says a new “Dynamic” suggestion will automatically “enhance brightness and contrast across the image where it’s needed, so you get a dramatic, more balanced photo.” There’s also new sky suggestions to “make your golden hour images pop by boosting and adjusting the color and contrast in the sky with one of several palettes inspired by breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.”

These new features come ahead of Google’s scheduled shutdown of free unlimited photo backup in Google Photos. In June, photos you upload to the service will count toward your Google Drive storage plan, so you’ll need to subscribe to Google One if you don’t wanna run out of room. Adding these features to Google One subscriptions should make it a bit more enticing for people to jump on the bandwagon, but it remains to be seen if it’s enough to draw enough people over before the shutdown.

Google says these features will be available to all Google One subscribers so long as your phone has 3GB of RAM and runs Android 8.0 Oreo or later.