Matridox can now be found at

When MBEDDED became Matridox back in 2017, I had to buy a new domain to match the name. Unfortunately, at the time, “” was being held hostage by someone. Not literally, of course, but someone owned it and never gave it up. I had to instead buy “” in order to keep the “.com” in the domain (who wants to go to a “.net” news site?). However, this all changed just a couple of weeks ago.

One day, I randomly went to GoDaddy’s website to see whether “” was available. I’ve been doing that for over three years to ensure I don’t miss the opportunity to buy it. When I went to the website and typed in my desired domain, I was suprised to see it available.

As it turns out, the domain was abandoned and went up for auction. No one during that auction bought it, so GoDaddy put it up for sale at an extremely low price. I purchased it along with some extra security plans to keep it safe, and after a couple of days, I was the official owner of the web address.

Now, if you wanna visit Matridox, you can just go to “” instead of remembering to type “the” in front of it. With this change, my email is also changing to “” I’m happy to finally have a domain that directly lines up with my brand.

Okay, that’s all the announcements for today. Enjoy your week, everyone.