Apple will let you change your default music app in iOS 14.5 thanks to Siri

Apple dropped the first round of betas for iOS 14.5 last week, and users are starting to dig through what’s packed inside. We’ve already gone over how unlocking your iPhone with your mask will get easier, the new Apple Podcasts interface, Siri enhancements like “call emergency” and message sending, and Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 controller support. Now, it looks like another big new feature will make its way to the OS: the ability to change your default music app.

Many users of the iOS 14.5 beta are reporting if you ask Siri to play a song, it’ll ask you to pick a music app or simply resort to the only music app on your device. It seems like the first time you do this, Siri will ask you what your preference is and permanently rely on your selection to play music. If you only have something like Spotify on your device, it’ll ask you if it can access your data and proceed to fulfill your request.

Right now, the feature’s a little bit buggy, with some users saying the feature simply doesn’t work at all and plays all music through Apple Music. However, it seems that Apple is at least working to make it possible to switch your default music app, which is nice since Android has had this feature for years and not everyone uses Apple Music.

It isn’t clear if a part of the Settings app will be carved out to let you manually select a music app or if you’ll be forced to do it through Siri, but as more betas of iOS 14.5 become available, I’m sure we’ll find out.