Amazon Echo Show 10 with motion-tracking camera will launch on February 25th

Amazon has announced that its new Echo Show 10 will launch on February 25th. This comes after the device was unveiled back in September. Preorders begin today, with the price set at $249.99.

The new Echo Show 10’s marquee feature is its ability to track you as you move around your home. It uses its webcam to track your face and move the screen according to where you go. It’s a way to keep you in frame during video calls and to ensure you can see the screen if you’re watching something. If you want to turn these features off, you can simply say “Alexa, turn off motion,” flick a switch in the Alexa app, or slide the built-in cover over the 13MP camera.

The Echo Show 10 comes powered by Amazon’s new AZ1 Neural Processor and includes BLE support, Zigbee support, and Amazon Sidewalk support. It packs dual front-firing tweeters and a woofer for improved audio, Alexa Group Calling for group video calls, improved security, and the same 10-inch HD display as previous Echo Shows.