Apple might bring the SD card reader back to the MacBook Pro in 2021

The next lineup of MacBook Pros could resurrect a slot that’s been missing since 2015.

Apple is rumored to be working on all-new MacBook Pros with updated displays, a Touch Bar exclusion, faster ARM-based processors, MagSafe, and new squared-off designs. But perhaps the most anticipated new feature of the machines at the moment is the potential return of the SD card reader.

Bloomberg published a note in a report which detailed an upcoming redesigned MacBook Air. That note indicates the SD card reader might be making a comeback in the MacBook Pro line in 2021. With it will return other ports that were dropped in 2016 in favor of USB-C. This means we might see the modern take on the 2015 MacBook Pro so many consumers have been waiting for.

Of course, nothing’s set in stone at the moment and things could change at any given moment. However, it’s worth noting that Mark Gurman, the man behind the Bloomberg report, is one of the most respected and accurate Apple reporters of all time. Therefore, it may be worth taking this news with a half-grain of salt.

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