Apple may release a redesigned iMac and Mac Pro this year with ARM chips

Apple is reportedly releasing two new desktop Macs with redesigns and ARM chips. A report out of Bloomberg suggests we will finally get the long-awaited redesign of the iMac in addition to a smaller version of the Mac Pro, both featuring variants of Apple’s M series processors. The report also suggests a new version of the Intel-based Mac Pro is also on its way.

Obviously, the marquee Mac to be looking at here is the iMac. It hasn’t received a new design since 2012, making for one of the longest periods of time before Apple gave one of its products a new look. According to Bloomberg, the new iMac will lose the giant chin at the bottom in favor of slimmer bezels and a flat back. It’ll sort of look like a Pro Display XDR. At its heart will live an Apple M processor, while two different sizes will be offered (although we don’t know what those sizes are just yet).

As for the Mac Pro, Apple is said to be releasing a new version of the machine with Apple’s ARM-based chipsets that’ll resemble a Power Mac G4 Cube, according to Bloomberg. The Mac Pro available today will also receive a refresh likely with new processors, but it’ll stick with Intel.

Rounding things off, Apple is also said to be working on a cheaper version of its Pro Display XDR. That monitor costs $5,000, so it makes sense to see the company wanting a scaled-back version to appeal to a broader audience. The display likely wouldn’t have the brightness or contrast ratio of the more expensive model, but it would be considerably less expensive.

2021 is just getting started, and we’re already starting to hear about a lot of what Apple will be releasing in the next 11 months. Be sure to stay tuned as I’m sure more details are right around the corner.