Report suggests an Apple car could finally come in 2024

Apple is once again rumored to be interested in producing its own car. Reuters has published a report suggesting the iPhone maker could begin production of a vehicle in 2024, and it’ll feature advanced battery technology. And of course, Apple’s in-vehicle software will be front and center.

The report is in stark contrast to the state in which we last heard of Apple’s car ambitions. The company was reported as dropping the idea of branding its own car and refocusing on software development to deploy to other vehicles. Since then, status updates have been few and far between, so today’s report from Reuters shakes things up quite a bit.

The article suggests Apple will produce the car (known as Project Titan internally) in 2024, but production might slip to 2025 depending on how fast we get over the COVID-19 pandemic. The car will feature Apple’s AI software it’s been developing with fully autonomous driving onboard. It’ll rely on third parties to provide some technologies like a LiDAR system, but it will offer up some of its own such as the battery system.

According to Reuters, Apple will use a unique “monocell” design that stacks up individual cells together to free up space inside the battery pack. This would, in theory, also free up space within the car for other components. The company is also considering a battery chemistry known as LFP, or lithium iron phosphate, which would be less likely to overheat and is thus safer. Reuter’s sources describe the tech as “next level” and could resemble “the first time you saw an iPhone.”

This is all fine and dandy, but there is the concern that Apple simply hasn’t ever manufactured a car, and turning a profit in the process is an uphill battle. It took Tesla 17 years to do it, for example, and it’s not likely people will be swamping them up like a new iPhone on launch day. “If there is one company on the planet that has the resources to do that, it’s probably Apple,” said a source who worked on Project Titan. “But at the same time, it’s not a cellphone.”

Apple is keeping a tight lip on all of these rumors by declining to comment left and right. It’s likely we won’t hear anything official for quite a long time, so stay tuned.