Motorola publishes list of devices getting Android 11 – here’s why it’s not impressive

It’s not about quantity. It’s about frequency.

Motorola has published a list of all the devices getting updated to Android 11. It’s a pretty lengthy list that covers a lot of the phones the company has put out over the past couple of years, but there’s a pretty major catch: most of these phones will only get updated to Android 11, no further.

Here’s the list for context.

  • motorola razr 5G
  • motorola razr 2019
  • motorola edge
  • motorola edge+
  • motorola one 5G 
  • motorola one action
  • motorola one fusion
  • motorola one fusion+
  • motorola one hyper
  • motorola one vision
  • moto g 5G
  • moto g 5G plus
  • moto g fast  
  • moto g power
  • moto g pro
  • moto g stylus
  • moto g9 
  • moto g9 play
  • moto g9 plus 
  • moto g9 power
  • moto g8 
  • moto g8 power 
  • Lenovo K12 Note

As you can see, that’s a nice lineup of devices getting the latest version of Android. But as far as a future update to Android 12, Motorola is only guaranteeing the Moto Edge and Razr lines get it. That means 20 of the phones listed will likely get this year’s major Android release and that’s it. Motorola is certainly not what it used to be when it comes to software support.

What’s more, the company isn’t guaranteeing any sort of timely rollout of Android 11 to any of these devices. Most will get the update “in the coming months,” and there’s a good chunk that’ll require partner approval before any sort of rollout is underway. So really, the only thing Moto has going for itself in this case is the amount of phones getting Android 11.

Here’s to hoping software support gets better after Android 11 for Motorola, even though I tend to doubt it.


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