Samsung’s texting app is finally getting RCS support


It’s been just over a month since Google confirmed all Android users could use RCS instead of SMS for sending texts with higher-quality photos, read receipts, typing indicators, and much faster performance. The only problem is the feature was exclusive to the Google Messages app, forcing some loyal fans of other texting apps to switch. However, if you’re a Samsung Messages user, you’re in luck as RCS support appears to finally be rolling out.

Users on XDA and Reddit spotted a new notification in the Samsung Messages app that lets you enable chat features on support carriers. It’s not clear if there’s a trick to trigger the notification (there was a way to do it in the early days of the roll out of RCS to Google Messages), but with some users getting the feature now, it’s likely a wider roll out is on the horizon.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone, go check your messages app – you may have RCS waiting for you.

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