RIP: Google Home Max is officially discontinued, but it’ll still be supported

Google likes to kill off its products relatively shortly after it releases them, and the latest victim of that trend is the Google Home Max. Launched in December 2017 as a much more premium Google Home, the company has confirmed it no longer sells the speaker. The Google Store lists the Home Max as completely out of stock. If you still want one, you’ll have to find one at a third party retailer.

That being said, Google isn’t giving up on the $399 speaker completely. The company told The Verge that it plans to still support the Home Max through software updates. It isn’t clear how long this will last, but I’d bet it’s not as long as Google’s statement makes it seem.

Even though Google is discontinuing the Google Home Max, the company still plans to support it with software updates and security fixes. “Existing Google Home Max users shouldn’t worry as they won’t see any change in their service,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement. “We’ll continue to offer software updates and security fixes to Google Home Max devices. We’re committed to delivering great sound and whole home audio features across all of our Assistant-enabled products.”

VIA: The Verge

It’s once again time to pour one out for a Google product. The Home Max, I’m sure, is well loved by its buyers, so it’s a shame to see it fade away.