Wyze unveils its first smartwatch, priced at just $20

It’s got IP68 certification, heart rate tracking, blood oxygen monitoring, and more.

If you’re familiar with smart home devices, you’ve likely heard of Wyze. The company has a reputation for delivering solid smart home accessories at affordable price points. Now, the company is jumping into the world of wearables with its first smartwatch, priced at just $20.

Simply called the Wyze Watch. the accessory is pretty simple in terms of functionality. It tracks your activity through either Google Fit or Apple Health and serves up notifications from your phone. It has a heart rate sensor, a blood oxygen monitor, and IP68 certification. The software also powers sleep and menstrual cycle tracking. Wyze also says you’ll be able to control your Wyze-branded smart home appliances from it.

The notification management is about as smartwatch-y as the Wyze Watch gets. It doesn’t run Wear OS nor is it an Apple Watch clone (despite its all-aluminum chassis making it appear that way). You also don’t get GPS tracking. Really, it looks like it just wants to be an extension of your phone that can also track your health stats, which seems perfectly fine for $20.

Wyze says the watch comes with a nine-day 300mAh battery which I’ll definitely have to test, and it comes in two sizes: 44mm and 47mm. The former ships with a 1.4-inch 320×320 LCD display while the latter has a 1.75-inch 320×385 LCD.

Preorders are now live for the Wyze Watch with shipments going out in February 2021. Both the 44mm and 47mm models cost $20 and come with a standard silicon band. I’ve preordered one for myself so expect a review in a couple of months.

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