Twitter introduces its own version of Stories

Fleets are now live on iOS and Android for everyone.

Twitter has released a new feature to its mobile app users called Fleets. What is a Fleet, you may ask? It’s basically an Instagram Story, but on Twitter.

Yeah, you’re not the only one wondering who asked for this.

Twitter is targeting Fleets just like Instagram did when it introduced Stories. Fleets serves as a way to share unfinished thoughts you wouldn’t necessarily tweet, and that goes for photos and videos too. They only last 24 hours and can be viewed in a scrollable bar at the top of the app. The feature is currently live for both iOS and Android.

Right now, Fleets aren’t all that extensive. There are barely any editing features and it’s tricky to get text on top of a photo or video you capture in the Fleets UI. However, Twitter says it will be building up the feature over time to include such tools as those, as well as live streaming and stickers.

Notably, you can share Fleets in DMs but you can’t like or retweet them. You can also share your tweets as Fleets, but not the other way around.

Twitter is rolling the feature out now. Use it if you dare.

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