Matridox partners with Scroll for an ad-free experience

Matirodx & Scroll (1)

Readers of Matridox, I have some exciting news to share: Matridox has officially partnered with Scroll to deliver a completely ad-free experience! This means there’s now a way to enjoy all of the content I publish without getting interrupted by advertisements and pop-ups, and it’s all thanks to Scroll.

If you’re unfamiliar, Scroll is a subscription service that only costs $4.99/month and gives you ad-free access to over 300 different websites. This helps to speed up load times, minimize your chances of being tracked and targeted with curated ads, and support quality journalism. It’s really quite a bargain.

Scroll is a big reason why I disabled advertisements on Matridox back in July. I’ve been working on implementing Scroll for months but couldn’t get it right, so I got tired of it and just said farewell to ads. Since then, I’ve obviously been working to get Scroll implemented, and the kind folks behind the scenes assisted me over Zoom. In less than an hour, we had everything working.

Now, if you subscribe to Scroll, you can enjoy all of my technology goodness ad-free. I dropped a link below to where you can sign up. It’s a great way to support journalists in this digital age, and it gives you a clean and enjoyable reading experience.

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