Google Pixel 5’s Battery Share turns on automatically when you plug it in


If you just bought a Google Pixel 5, here’s an interesting tidbit: it automatically enables Battery Share when you plug it into a USB-C charger.

With the Pixel 5, Google included the ability to wirelessly charge other devices using the phone’s battery. Typically, you have to enable the feature through the quick settings panel, but if you plug your Pixel 5 in to charge, for a short period of time Battery Share gets enabled automatically. It’s only if the feature detects another device is attempting to charge will it remian on. Otherwise, it shuts itself off.

Why would you want this feature? In case you wanted to save table space or ran out of outlets and want to use your phone as a wireless charging pad for your earbuds. That way, as soon as you plug your phone in, you can start charging your accessories without having to manually enable anything. Pretty neat, right?

The feature was spotted on this support page which proudly touts the feature. I’m kind of amazed it wasn’t spotted sooner since so many tech reviewers have had review units for a while. Still, it seems like a nifty inclusion.

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